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Top 5 Ways to Make Money with Facebook

Make Money with Facebook

Out of all social networking websites, Facebook is the most effective one to create a beneficial, and more importantly a PAYING audience. So without a shadow of a doubt, you can make money with Facebook. Since internet is full of opportunities, you can always find a great number of people involved with you in the field you are related to.

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Facebook alone has 2 Billion active users from the whole world. And this number equals to as great as one fourth of the total population of the world. So you can find thousands of people for marketing your (or someone else’s) product and consequently, you can really make money with Facebook.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog & Make Money with Facebook

Blogging is one of the highest paying jobs that you can do online. Through blogging, people earn thousands of dollars a month with a complete monetary freedom without confines of a cubical and a 9-5 daily routine.

If you have a relatively big Facebook-following, then start your own blog. You can drive a good number of visitors by posting a link to your ad-supported blog. There are many services such as Google AdSense and Infolinks that offer a great deal to publish their ads for the owners of website and blog. More visitors make you earn more through these services.

Start an Online Shopping Store

Online Shopping Store is yet another way to put your product online. Facebook has special tools for promoting your Store. Through Facebook, you can run Paid Promotions to reach a specifically targeted audience with an extremely good average of serious buyers.

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So if you have a product to sale, you can start a free Facebook store and begin the promotion. It is as simple as this. One thing that you need to remember is, try hiring a social media analyst for better results and effective promotion. You can start a huge business beginning from a Facebook page. Later on, turn it to an e-commerce website and grow your business.

Sell your E-Book to Make Money with Facebook

Are you skilled at something? Can you teach a language? Can you write How-To guides on a specific subject? Then write an E-Book. E-Books are one of the most famous and widely used methods of earning online. Be it a self-published novel or collection of your poems. Or simply, a marketing guide for newbies.

All it takes is a good readership or effective Facebook audience related to your subject of interest. You can hire an E-Book designer and composer from any freelancing website. It should cost an amount of $100 to get an E-Book composed. Make sure that you don’t get it written by a freelancer if you really want to make money with Facebook or any other platform. Instead, write your own and get it designed by any professional.

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You can sell your E-Books through Amazon and market it to your Facebook audience. Turn your Facebook profile into a marketing machine for your E-Book. Share the excerpts from the book. Get your friends write reviews of the book and share them on your Facebook timeline. Keep making it (the Facebook) a new pace every new day and start earning.

Offer Online Courses to Earn with Facebook

You can also use Facebook to find potential students of yours. They will pay you to learn some skills from you. Add it to your cheat sheet and put it into effect. You can offer so many courses including marketing courses, English Language Learning programs, writing courses, fashion courses or even health sessions.

Discover your specialty and go with it. Build a trust in your network and keep earning. Do your best to gain from them and let them gain from your skills.

Affiliate Marketing

If none of the above is what you can do, then try affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an industry with a turnover of billions of dollars monthly. Statistics show that a 15% of the digital media industry’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing (1). But the questions are: “what affiliate marketing can do for you?” and “how to make money with Facebook using affiliate marketing?”

There are thousands of vendors and product-manufacturers in the digital market like Amazon or even, offering affiliate programs for internet users. Find yours with respect to your audience. Make your way onto Facebook and try convincing people to buy the product of the vendor you are affiliated with. You can reach a good income if you already have a good audience. Also, you can start a Fan Page and develop it with good content to get the audience and grow your affiliate earnings.

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Final Words

As a rule of thumb, there is no shortcut to success. You will have to try and try again in order to make a better living. Most people don’t dare. Most people don’t live. Because they give up sooner than the friend who made it a little further. But I don’t know why YOU can’t?

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