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Top 5 Captcha-Work Sites That Really Pay

Captcha-Work Sites

Earlier, we have explained several methods to earn money online without investment. This post is the extension of that. Today, I have collected five Captcha-Work Sites for you that are trusted and really pay you.

Before going further, I feel it necessary to explain how captcha entry works and why Captcha-Work Sites pay you for filling these snippets (the Captchas). There are two possibilities why captcha-work sites offer money against captcha entry. The first one is quite strange and awkward. And that is, Captcha-Work Sites offer money for solving captcha because they want to train their bots for spamming the captcha-protected submissions. So these websites are paying Humans to read and decode the captcha snippet so as to develop better bot-activity.

In the simplest words, by decoding these Captcha snippets, you are actually assisting spammers for exploiting other websites. More interestingly, I find no laws that call it illegal.

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The scope and promise by Captcha-Work Sites?

Unfortunately, there is no scope. You have to keep working really hard to get to the amount you really want to earn. As an average, legit Captcha-Work sites pay not more than $1 for 1000 captcha entries. And I guess, with a good typing speed, you can decode not more than 500 captchas per hour (and probably 700 per hour if you have a really good typing speed).

But eventually, what more can you expect from a job that requires practically no skills or experience except that you can type a little faster? And people solely working for Captcha-Work Sites are making an amount from $150-$200 by the way.

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Moreover, a majority of the websites found on the internet are SCAM. They will have you decode thousands of captchas, and at the time of payout, they will immediately ban your account or will turn your balance to zero. So, the choice of the site is to be made carefully.

Now, I am going to mention some of the Legit and Trusted Captcha-Work Sites that really pay you what they promise.


2Captcha is considered as one of the most trusted Captcha-Work sites for earning a small living online. It offers several offers, bonus, and other promotions depending on how difficult is it to solve a captcha cryptogram.

Moreover, the site also offers an affiliate program through which, you can earn a little extra by referring the website to your family, friends or any other guy interested to do the job. You will earn a commission from your referrals added to your actual income. So if you have a big audience, you can grow your earn good without even solving a single captcha. Sounds interesting? It is.

Payment Options

  • Payza
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Perfect Money
  • AdvCash
  • Bitcoin

Minimum Payout

  • $3 for PayPal
  • $1 for Payza
  • $0.5 for WebMoney
  • $1.3 for Perfect Money and AdvCash
  • $1 for Bitcoin

Register for 2Captcha


Protypers is yet another one the famous Captcha-Work sites. Like the 2Captcha, this can be a part-time work for you. And you can start earning immediately as you register for the site. Earning may range from $0.5-$1.5/1000 captcha depending upon the experience you gain by solving the captchas correctly for the website.

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Similar to 2Captcha, Protypers also has an affiliate program in which you can earn by referring the site to your family, friends and your social following.

 Payment Options

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Western Union

Minimum Payout

  • $100 for Western Union
  • $3 for other options

Register for Protypers

The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd is basically not a Captcha-Work Site. It offers several other jobs like Data-Entry, typing, translations, and other small tasks. There are no obligations. There are no investments. Only devotion and hard work is all they take.

Average earning per 1000 hits is lower than the above two, but the work is easier and more flexible. After the signup, you will have to take an evaluation test that will decide the jobs you are able to do. The relevant work will be yours.

A true disadvantage is that they offer transactions through PayPal only, which is not available in Pakistan. So you either need to encash the amount by one of your friends or family member living outside the country or use the money in online shopping-stores that support PayPal.

Payment Options

  • PayPal

Minimum Payout

  • $10

Register for The Smart Crowd


Captcha2Cash is a good choice when you talk about genuine Captcha-Work Sites. They pay you $1 for every 1000 correct and successful entries. It is a simple and fast-loading website and offers software to you in order to get the job done. Work schedule is flexible enough and you can work whenever you want.

Payment Options

  • Perfect Money
  • Payza

Minimum Payout

  • $1
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Register for Captcha2Cash

Freelancing Websites

On freelancing websites like Elance, Freelancer, and Upwork, there are also certain employers who offer Captcha-Solving jobs. And with a subtle search, you can find a Captcha Entry work with better Paying options and with better revenue.

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Take Home a Message

Captcha-Entry is a good job for collecting small pocket-money on monthly basis. And if you do better with your referrals as mentioned above, you can create a better solution to make a good earning online from Captcha-Work Sites. Many people are doing. You can also try as a no-harm-initiative. At least it will develop a better temperament in you for earning a better living online.

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