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Three Reasons Why you Fail in Earning a Living Online

Earning a living online

The online industry is one of the most attractive, most successful and the richest industry out of all around. But we see so many meek and dead faces around us. Big worlds have big flaws and that’s simply what it is. I found many of my fellows whining about their failure. About looters, SCAMS and all. Yes it is true. There are so many SCAMS in the online world. So are there in the real world. There are more stories in the real world. And I find it offensive to weep over it now. Here I am sharing with you the Top-Three reasons why you fail in earning a Living Online.

1: Patience is the key to earning a living online

Patience is the most important factor. Most people think that a two days old blog online or a gig on a freelancing website will start making three Happy Meals a day for them. In reality, it takes at least Six-Exacting months for a blog to earn you a single Happy Meal a day for you.

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And as I always say, to make a good living, you must be sincere with yourself. Try not to cheat “YOU”. Don’t give excuses and lame explanations to yourself. An off-day for you should have no excuse at all. Strugglers should be working 24 x 7. There may be a bunch of odds n ends keeping you from working. Try ignoring them all. It is your life. It is you who need to live it your way. Earning a living online takes a firm and a never ending deal of patience. You have to make it.

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2: You don’t Keep it Simple and Persistent

Making big promises and producing less is not that bad. What is actually bad is producing none. I am totally convinced with the saying “Aim as high as you can”. But what is in there for you after aiming high? What expectations should you give to it? An utter failure? A big success? An indifferentiable mess?

Well, the answer depends solely on you. Aiming too high and not trying to fulfill them will eventually lead you to a bitter temperament. Most people do the same. And to my understanding, it is quite psychological. Being not persistent with what you decide. Being unable to reproduce your decisions and then cursing yourself…eh?

3: You don’t understand the Market Demand

Many followers ask me why they can’t build a readership. The real reason why they struggle more and gain less is the utter absence of experience and proper guidance. Blogging industry is a several-billion-dollar industry. But freelance writing can prove to be the most worthless job for you. Yes, I really mean it. And you will testify me if you see freelancing websites like, Elance, and Fiverr.

The psychology of writing in this virtual world is a lot different from that of the academic world. And this is what I really wanted to see in our previous 8 competitions that I conducted from the page. We are too much stuck-really very much stuck in our traditional entanglement. Difficult words, mystifying phrases, heavenly sentences and awfully big paragraphs are the custom.

Solution? Alternate? A better way out?

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Well, if you have a look at the top English Bloggers of the world, you find that they are interestingly simple with what they write. Brian Clark of, or James Altucher or even Lacy Boggs. They have made a healthy business empire of several million dollars by their writing career.

The pathway is clear. They know how to attract readers. And also that the virtual world has more non-academic readers than ones with the academic background. They write simple sentences. And use full stops instead of commas. They know that their readership includes the age group from 11 years-old kids to 60+ senior citizens. They don’t write heavenly sentences.


Starting with passion of earning a living online and dropping the idea quickly after it is never a good idea. I started my first website in 2010 and sold it for 100K US dollars in 2013 after a 24×7-and-365 routine of hard work. It took 3.5 years the first time. The second website took 2 years and I sold it for 150K US dollars with Zero revenue. The third took 10 months. How long will YOU take will be decided by your patience, persistence, and understanding of market demand.

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