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Why You Should Stop Thinking about Writing a Novel

writing a novel or fiction to make money writing

I started a Facebook page in the early spring this year. There are so many new things about my new audience that I learned from that time. I developed an online community from scratch through this Facebook page of mine and the process began.

I see so many writers there every other day. There are a lot more than you could ever imagine. And I see them writing quite well (though they need a lot of improvements, but they are good with what they are now). But there is a bad thing about them. They write fiction. I mean what worse can you do with yourself except that you start writing a novel and expect a career from it?

Do I sound strange?

Do I look like a moron?


Okay, thank you for the kindness. But let me explain why I suggest people to writing fictional books and novels and why I recommend writers to go for non-fiction instead.

Many of the self-published writers coming to my inbox asking me to purchase their new fiction book they self-published. I usually ignore such messages and then they get furious for my behavior.

You probably know that there is a huge-huge number of self-publishers exist on the planet now. In fact at Amazon, a new book arrives every five minutes. But there is more to know about book selling than a simple single number.

The reason why so many of our young writers find fiction interesting is because of the popularity some genre have gained over time. The problem with that notion is that if you don’t have a competitive marketing strategy, you will never be able to sell even the first 1000 books of yours over the lifetime.

So, a good selling book = 5% good work + 45% deep marketing strategy + 50% luck (in case of fiction)

There are literally so many reasons why I call fiction to be a bad idea to adopt.

You are new to writing Books

You need to make authority as a writer. People don’t know you by now. You don’t know the market. By the time you start selling, you will die far before in most cases. Sorry for being rude.

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You don’t have a community for selling the book

It is one of the marketing-kind of a thing but if you already have a community or a strong networking, you can sell your book and start benefiting from it for sure. There is nothing more to it than this.

Book industry is already saturated

It is your bad luck that this industry holds the greatest rate of launching new products. Each new book is a new product. And fiction is the most saturated part of the industry.

Going back to my Facebook inbox, it would be worth asking yourself (if you are a writer) why someone should buy a new novel Romance novel written by a Mr. Unknown with Zero reviews on Goodreads or any other website of its kind?

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Conversely, you can sell a thousand times more within a very short period of time if you write nonfiction. The reasons are quite simple and understandable enough that you might not deny.

You can sell nonfiction even if you are new to the market

This is why nonfiction genre provides you a wide range of topics that people keep searching for. Be it a religious study, a research on any of the religious topic, a hot issue twisted with a hot Book title, a fact about the part of history that you have recently researched. There are a lot more things that can be done.

How-to books can sell more than a novel by a new writer

Are you good at anything whatsoever? Write a How-To guide over it. Whether it is about learning a language, an easier way to prepare for CSS or CAT, or be it about the home remedies for daily health problems.

You can also opt for writing tips for traditional music, piano playing, poem composing, and prosody. Or write technical tutorials about how to write a Novel, only if you are interested in. These books are sold on-market as well as off-market with catchy titles such as “Become a poet at home without a teacher” or “Treat 1000 diseases with these remedies”. And these books are sold even more than an average Young Adult novel to be concise.


In order to really earn from your book as a new writer while you are still alive, one of the two things is essential. Either you have a strong marketing strategy and networking, or you forget about fiction, and start from nonfiction first, try to be as eloquent as you can so that people could know how good you are at playing with words. Make your market and then jump into the fiction world.

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