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How to Make Quick Money – 6 Ways For Students

6 ways to make quick money

Making money is an art. And to make quick money, you need a higher dose of the art injected in you. You have to be creative enough to find opportunities to make money from a hardly-money-making event. So to say, you have to be so much attentive about each and every detail of the events you are going through at any particular time. This habit will train your mind to make money out of everything you can think of.

In today’s era, almost everyone wants to know how to make quick money. And to be honest, getting rich in a legit way is not a matter of an overnight period. But for your daily expenses, there are hundreds of legit and easy ways to make money. How well you dig a money-making event is totally up to you. In today’s post, I will be telling you 6 easiest ways to make quick money. This post is especially about students to make money without practically having a job or affecting student life and studies.

 Hand-Made Notes – The best way to make quick money

If you are a student and want to focus more on your studies along with a good amount of income, try this technique. I made $200+ in the first semester of my Pharm-D program alone. I studied thoroughly throughout the semester, consulted books and summarized them according to the course outline.

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It was 25 days before the final exams that I announced to sell my notes. I invested not a single penny on them practically. The whole course outline was summarized into 10 pages per subject and I set Rs. 150 ($1.5) for each subject. The reason for higher profit rate is that I didn’t provide notes to them printed by me. Instead, I gave them the notes and tell them to return after getting them photocopied. This way, the whole investment of mine was the 10 pages per subject that I did for my own revision.

One more thing to notice here is that I announced 25 days before the final exams. This was the period when no one could make their own notes because of a heavy burden of assignments and presentations all over this period.

You can also start collecting notes from teachers and relevant faculty members and sell them online on your website. Or either you could start a stationery shop near university and high school campuses and sell them.

Become a Go-To guy

At Universities and High Schools, you will never need to worry about money if you are a go-to guy. Find some time and give attention to fellow students. Many students need stationary stuff, books, notebooks and other relevant stuff from the market. Some of them want good food from outside the campus. Fetch them the goods and keep your commission.

You can also announce in the class about when you are going to the market for buying goods. So that everyone could give you money before time. Buying books, calculators, and notebooks in bulk from the wholesalers will save you a good amount.

Become a Rider or a Driver to Make Quick Money

If you are good at driving a car or riding a motor bike, you can opt for joining services like Uber, Careem, Bykea or whatever service suits you in your locality. You can give rides to people in a complete accordance with your routine and ease. If you complete 5 rides a day, you can easily earn a handsome amount sufficient for a great many expenses of yours.

Hand-Made Practical Journals

This can be a special deal for girls. If you are good at writing fast and making average diagrams, you can make hand-made journals of your class-fellows asking them for money. Once you are in practice, you won’t find it difficult to manage things with your studies. You can also opt for making Practical Journals according to School and High School Demands and sell them to book stalls and shops where course books are sold.

Start a Blog

There are dozens of benefits of blogging. If you have a good social media following or a Facebook fanpage, you can make quick money blogging from the day first. Start a blog and become a blogger following these instructions. Write on any topic that you are good at. If you don’t already have an audience, make a community online and start making money.


You can also find a spare time slot to do something for a long term online career. Join Freelancing websites and start your freelancing career. You can provide almost any kind of your services to the clients online. This may be anything from Writing Articles to translations and cut-copy-paste works. People are making thousands of dollars monthly with their freelance career.


There are hundreds of ways to make quick money online and offline. You have to opt for the best and fit yourself into it if you are really sincere with your “Money-Making Career”.

If you also have some good and applicable suggestions on how to make quick money, please share in the comment box below.

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