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How to Make Money Writing – Six Secrets of Mine

Make money writing

So it was the first time when I realized that I could make money writing online, back in 2010. I was mentioned by a friend on a Facebook status by a director of a progressing company relating to mutual funds in Pakistan. Shortly after that, the company merged with a bank. They needed a content writer for their website who could handle all the content-writing work for them. I was confused whether I was actually able to handle the things or not. I didn’t need money. But it was a thing very new to me. Literally, I had no idea that I was, in any sense, was able to do it or not.

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I contacted the director personally in his Facebook’s inbox and agreed to work according to his company’s requirements. He asked me to submit a sample work of 1,000 words and other contact details of mine through Email. I mailed him and the story apparently ended.

2 months later, I was phoned by one of the company’s employees who asked me to visit their office. I was literally not in a mood to travel 20 kilometers from my house, but finally, I decided to visit. I met the director for the first time. He was superficially well-mannered and apparently glad to meet me (I don’t know why I felt that). I was, quite immediately, served a cup of tea. And the guy started telling me all the procedure I was to go through in order to make a deal with them.

After explaining all the details, he asked me about the money I would charge. It was my time. I asked for Rs. 20,000 ($200) per thousand words. The deal was finalized and they gave the project which turned out to be almost 15,000 words when I finished.

This was the first time I maintained that earning online was possible. I came to know that I could make money writing. BIG money in fact. Since then, I started the real, never-ending and a restless struggle in the online market, discovering ways to make money writing. And I did make my first $10,000 writing for others.

Here I will tell you 6 secrets of how to make money writing or more correctly, how I make money writing.

Writing for People

Write for people. Write what they want to read. Not what you want them to read. Not unless you are a big shot and a super-hero and several thousand people idealize you for your career. Use their language, not yours or you will regret. Try emphasizing their importance.  Tell your stories and motivate them to follow their dreams.

Keep It As Simple As It Can Be

As I always say, when you decide to write for everyone, be as simple as possible. Use words that an eleven-year-old kid can easily understand. Call it a heck but this is the only way you can make people read you. This is the way you can make money writing and become a rich writer. Keep rephrasing a single long sentence into two or three shorter ones. Keep it simple.

Learn Some General Psychology?

Honestly, it helps a lot in making decisions about sentence-crafting and making compelling headings. To know what exact word will work depends on your natural understanding of how people react towards words. So, writing an article is one thing, and getting it discovered by people is another. Learn people’s language and use it to get your article discovered by people.

Use Social Networking Websites & Build an Audience

I have made thousands of dollars using Facebook alone. Why can’t you? If you are a member of my page at Facebook, you have seen me developing a completely new and paying audience from scratch within three months, hired 30+ writers for several purposes with the money I made from the page alone. Isn’t this example sufficient to motivate you? Use Facebook in a better way than mine.

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Pay Attention to Your Readers’ Questions

This is the most important trick to discover your readers’ language. You can never avoid your readers. You can’t avoid their silly questions. Their silly questions will generate topics for you to write. Try interpreting the questions into the titles of your articles. If this seems less likely, try asking them what they want to read. Keep interacting with them. This is why I spend more time in My FB Page’s Inbox then writing. This is one of the major boost points to make money writing.

Keep it Readable to Make Money Writing

Keep it readable if you really want to make money. Don’t go beyond 1,000 words unless it is an article so important that will keep the reader with it till the end. Try giving them a quick read. Be it in a range of 500-800 words. Don’t confuse them with long and entangling sentences. You can make your sentences as short as two words. Try it. Never go beyond 18 words or the reader will disappear.

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Final Words

If you really are sincere in becoming a market-friendly writer, you must realize the market needs. If you don’t pay attention, then there are fewer chances that people will read you at all. Dreaming big is a good thing. But you can never be sure that you will be a bestselling author of an ugly read turning into Harry Potter one day. Writing another Harry Potter is easier than making it a best-selling. So don’t focus on writing one more Harry Potter. Instead, do what is proven to pay.

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