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How to Become a Blogger & Start a Blog?

how to start a blog and become a blogger

It has been years now that blogging crossed the boundaries of “just-a-hobby” circle and hijacked the industry of internet marketing. For years now, people have started blogging for well-structured and strategical content marketing purposes. In Pakistan however, there are less people who are even aware of the importance of blogging and the real benefits of blogging. It is probably because most of the internet users here don’t actually know how to become a blogger.

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Today’s post of mine is not just a single piece of writing. Instead, I will extend this post to several episodes relating each of the upcoming relevant posts to this one. So that eventually, a complete series of written tutorials will form. This stepwise tutorial will explain how to become a blogger, initial investment needed to run and really earn money online from your own blog. So let’s start with the questions:

How to become a blogger? The basic requirements?

Technically, one should answer the questions mentioning the basic requirements as:

  1. “You” with sufficiently good writing skills.
  2. “A motivation-chain” that keeps you from giving up.
  3. A Little Investment.
  4. Choosing Top-Level Domain Name (e.g.
  5. Buying a Domain & a Hosting Plan with WordPress installed in it.

Most people forget to mention the first two as the essential requirements when answering the question. Now we will take a look at each of the above-mentioned requirements.

Writing Skills

I always say that your writing skills can do wonders for you. I have been writing for it for so long and telling my readers the benefits of writing and how they can make money writing. But there are certain modifications that you need to do with your diction in order to become a blogger especially if you are a creative writer. Writing for content marketing is quite different and you will have to make yourself in a complete accordance with the needs of a content marketer.

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Of course, you don’t have to lose the creativity. But n order to become a blogger you need to twist them into the context of content marketing. So that you could attract a good number of prospects and turn them into your customers.

Motivation is Essential for Blogging

Everyone talks about the benefits. But no one will tell you that you need a constant plan for counseling and motivation unless you start making a real income out of it. Otherwise, you will behave too sluggish and lazy to write a single blog post. Read success stories. Follow popular and successful bloggers and those who are making thousands of dollars monthly by just blogging.

A Little Investment is essential

Making a small investment is essential if you really want to earn big. No one could ever do anything big without investing some of their money or resources. I invested $800 on my Facebook Page 4 months back. And have earned $2,000 and still generating good revenue weekly. Your investment done correctly will never be wasted. Mark it.

For a personal blog you will need to make an initial investment of $100 (PKR. 10,000) per year. This investment includes all the initial requirements of a blog including the domain name, a hosting plan and a complete blog set-up.  I will tell you how. Keep reading.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name mostly decides your actual future. Irrelevant and non-market-friendly domain names will be too difficult to rank in search engines. Many people call it a myth. But we see people implementing it as a marketing strategy to choose a relevant domain name with a search keyword hidden in it.

Decide the topic of your blog. Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner and make searches relevant to your topic. If you want to blog about “Weight Loss” (which is a highly competitive keyword searched about ½ Million times a month) you need to find a domain name related to the keyword.

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Search the domain if it is available. Try different variations of the keyword e.g.,,,, and…and yo!! You got it. Once you find a domain name available, note it down somewhere and Take the next step.

Buying Domain and Hosting

Now, since you have decided to invest some chunks of your precious fortune and skills, you are ready to buy a Domain name and a hosting plan for you.

But, where to buy the perfect hosting plan for your blog?

I recommend Bluehost as the best choice out of all. You will buy their “Plus” Hosting plan for you, which is perfectly optimized for the most popular and the easiest blogging platform called WordPress. WordPress is a blogging application used by the majority of website owners on the internet. Most bloggers use it for it is handy enough that you practically need no knowledge of back-end’s technicality in order to start your blog and to become a blogger. Some of the best features of Bluehost Plus plan:

  • Cost-effective hosting plans
  • Single-Click WordPress Installation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited websites can be hosted
  • Free Domain included in all Hosting Plans
  • Unlimited Space for data storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Specially optimized for WordPress
  • Free Marketing and Promotion offers included worth $200.

So go to the Bluehost’s website and choose the “Plus Plan”.

Click “Select” in the green box and choose your domain that you decided earlier. Make a free domain registration and click “Next”. On the next page, make sure that you keep your package information as follows:

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Account Plan: 12 Months

Domain Privacy Registration: Unchecked (Because you don’t need to pay for it)

Site Backup Pro: Unchecked

Search Engine Jumpstart: Unchecked

SiteLock Security: Unchecked

Comodo Positive SSL Bundle: Unchecked

Your Total will be: $95.4

You can also choose the “Basic Plan” instead of the “Plus Plan”. Basic Plan will cost you $71.2 but it allows only one website to be hosted with limited data storage. Though you don’t need that much data storage at this stage, and 50GB is quite a good space. But Plus Plan is a better choice.

Now, fill your billing information. Pay through your Payoneer MasterCard or any debit card that is activated for online e-commerce shopping. For Pakistani readers, I suggest WIZ Card offered by United Bank Ltd. (UBL) in case you don’t yet have your Payoneer MasterCard.

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Once you have done with your billing, your account will almost immediately be activated and you will have a working hosting plan (it may sometimes take up to one hour for the email containing your plan information to arrive you).

Now you are completely set. Use the steps that Bluehost leads you to and install WordPress. Choose a theme of your choice, and rest of the things will lead you to the pathway themselves.

Special Offer

After purchasing your domain and hosting plan, you can also contact me here for a Free Setup of your blog. I will install WordPress and will guide you about how to have a free template installed on your blog. And rest of the things you are confused with.

Now the only thing remains is write good blog posts and keep up with it.

Enjoy becoming a Blogger!!

12 thoughts on “How to Become a Blogger & Start a Blog?”

    1. Dear Umair, try transferring your blog from Blogspot to WordPress self-hosted custom domain blog if you really want to earn from it.

    2. Blogger was never beneficial. You cannot rank in search engines. It is not “YOUR” property. It is Google’s property. And you can never drag a good traffic from search engines to it.

    3. You can contact me through the contact form once you have done with the domain and hosting plan.

  1. hola.. article is really good with every single detail with step by step knowledge .. thank you fr sharing this detail..

  2. This was super helpful. I wish I had read this before I picked my website name, lol! It would have been good for me to check google adwords first. Thanks!

  3. I also wanting to start on my personal blog soon, great that I came across your article. You have some good points cited here . Really clear and easy to follow for a beginner.

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