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Benefits of Blogging over Freelance Writing

Top Benefits of Blogging over Freelance Writing

Over the years, the online market has proved itself to be the most successful platform out of all other business markets. Content marketing and blogging are the most successful and paying jobs out there with practically an unlimited exposure and earning. Many people ask me about which way they should go? What to choose from Blogging and Freelance writing? Which one pays more than the other? Which one is easier? What are the benefits of blogging? To answer all such questions, I decided to write a detailed blog and here it is now.

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The reason, why people ask such questions, is surely that most people don’t know about how they work in and of themselves. Yet many people end giving up both the options and seek the third. Today, I am going to give a comparison of both. I will also let you know the overall process, time, strategy and exposure of both the blogging and freelance writing.

Freelance Writing Vs Blogging – What should you choose?

First of all, you should decide your goal. How much work can you do? What amount of time can you spend daily for working? How long can you wait for the results of your hard work? If you want a quick -10 Dollars job, then you should go towards freelance writing instead of blogging.

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A freelance writer is paid for what he writes. There is nothing more to it. As a freelance writer, you will be paid as long as you keep completing the tasks given to you. As soon as you quit completing the tasks, you will stop the income you make. Though within these boundaries, you can make strategical plans to grow your income up to thousands of dollars a month with freelance writing. But the benefits of freelancing are not as long term as the benefits of blogging. There are certain limits to the exposure and earnings in freelance writing.

Here I am mentioning major benefits of blogging with a sound comparison of blogging with freelance writing.

Long-Term and Paying online Community is The Blessing

With freelance writing, you are solely in contact with your employer. You have nothing to do with public. Not even the audience that is related to your subject. The online community or the audience is the biggest blessing for those who choose blogging. You can make a readership and people start to get involved with you on your blog.

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Later but Better is the main Benefit of Blogging

When you choose blogging, you don’t earn money.  Not at least in the starting 6 months unless you already have a good readership relating to your niche and at least 1000 visitors come to your blog from the day first. Otherwise, it takes time to establish a paying blog. You will need to give it a time. Build an audience. Understand marketing Techniques. Polish your writing skills. And Work with passion and patience for at least one whole year. These key points lead you to a spot where you will start earning even better than any freelance writer out there.

More Income Resources

With freelance writing, you only have a single source income i.e. your employer in general. But as I mentioned earlier, there is an infinite exposure. You can earn from hundreds of sources when you write for your blog. Publishing ads on your blog is one. There are hundreds of others. Affiliate marketing is the strongest source you can avail only when you have a good audience. And most of the affiliate programs require a blog or website. You can practically earn limitlessly with affiliate marketing.

Your Money-Machine for Your Sleep Times

It is true. Your blog is your money-machine. You never stop earning. It keeps generating revenue even when you are off to bed. Initially, you will have to keep updating your blog yourself. But established blogs keep receiving content by newbies entering the market. So, even when you miss a day writing your blog post, you will have enough quality content waiting to be published at your blog.

People Start Trusting You

Giving people solutions to their problems is one of the best marketing strategies out there. This in return gives you an audience that trusts you and your recommendations. You can sell your products or your services to them. You are the first go-to-person that arises in their mind.

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And believe me, they pay you more than any employer when you do freelance writing. John Chow, the founder of TTZ Media is only one example who became a multi-millionaire doing affiliate marketing through his blog. Your audience is what finally matters.

You are Your Own Boss

No doubts on this. You are your own boss. There is no one that directs you or fires you when you are not at work on time. You don’t have to be careful about meeting the deadlines. There is no one to question your progress except you for yourself. Eventually, this freedom will set you free in almost every manner.

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One Blog Post Pays Forever is The Biggest of All Benefits of Blogging

A single blog post can sometimes pay you more than even whole your career as a freelance writer. And this is what most people don’t understand while writing as a freelancer. The employer pays you for once. And if you are a convincing writer, the employer would grab huge earnings on a permanent basis out of it. It could be worth more on your own blog entertaining your own community.


There are thousands of opportunities to earn a living online. Benefits of blogging are greater than most of the others. You can avail it with the least investment and make a stand for a big business starting with blogging only. Leading content marketers give Blogging their first priority and make millions from it. Why can’t you?

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