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Alternative to PayPal in Pakistan – Payoneer MasterCard

paypal and payoneer in Pakistan

There was a time when people used their Payoneer MasterCard to verify PayPal accounts, but now, this trick has stopped working. You cannot connect your virtual debit or credit cards with PayPal anymore. And luckily, there is no more need of doing this.

Payoneer For Freelancers, Bloggers, and Online Workers

PayPal is the most used online payment method in the world. Yet it has so many limitations and huge processing fees. Though Pakistan ranks as the fourth country in the world with the greatest number of freelance workers. And people earn thousands of dollars monthly with freelancing. But PayPal strangely doesn’t provide its services in Pakistan. You need to be having a bank account in a country supported by PayPal in order to use its services.

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Fortunately, Payoneer has become the first true alternative to PayPal and similar services in Pakistan. Payoneer now works almost the similar way as PayPal does and enables you to receive money from international clients seamlessly. So as a Freelancer, a blogger or an online worker, you can receive your payments and make online transactions through Payoneer now. For the last several years, Payoneer has worked a lot in Pakistan and continuously developing and progressing with its services.

Earn a Free Signup Bonus of $25

If you have never heard about Payoneer earlier and looking for an alternative to PayPal in Pakistan or any other country, then you can create a free account at Payoneer at this page. Payoneer also offers a signup bonus of $25 as soon as you receive an amount $100 in your account. It simply means that you have absolutely nothing to lose. So create an account and provide your document proofs. Payoneer staff will review your account and once it’s approved, you can then start receiving funds from international clients and the sent money will be loaded to your account. Payoneer also offers a free MasterCard.

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Once your account is approved, you can order your free MasterCard debit card and use it to withdraw your money from MasterCard supported ATMs in your area. The card takes approximately one month to arrive at your place. Once you receive it, you will need to activate it by the method provided to you.

Why Payoneer is Better Than PayPal?

You might ask what’s new in Payoneer. The answer is; now anyone living in any country of the world can charge your Payoneer card with their Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card. Up to $2,000 USD can be sent in a single transaction and a single person can charge your card five times a day. It means that you can receive up to $10, 000 from a single person in a particular day. Moreover, there are practically no limits on the number of individuals sending money to you!

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The processing fee is attractive too and it’s just 3% of the transaction made. It means that this service by Payoneer is going to be cost effective and even cheaper than PayPal where you need to pay a 5% processing fee along with the impossibility you face in making an approved account of PayPal.

Solution to Online Shopping

So many people ask me about how they can make online payments for online shopping stores. Whether it is a domain registration, buying a hosting package, or paying for a game online at Android PlayStore. Your Payoneer Card is a complete solution. With your Payoneer MasterCard, you can make payments to millions of merchants accepting MasterCard worldwide. So you can use it anywhere in the world with no boundaries at all.

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