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5 Things You Should Know Before Turning 30

There are so many people that keep asking me to give private sessions for motivation and mentoring purpose. I usually charge $15 for an hour and within that session, I guide them (esp. people under 30) about their future and how they can manage it in a better way.

I had my first private consulting session with a girl who had dropped out of college and started an online e-commerce site.  She was way too depressed by her decision as well as the initial response of the website she had. I particularly turned the consulting session into a psychological counseling session which I deadly needed after listening to her for the first 15 minutes.

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The reason why I did that was a negative emotional state of mind she was facing. It is a common psychological problem that many people of this age may face. Making a choice, and within a short period of time, starting to regret about the wrong choice you made for yourself may lead you to rumination or a chronic psychological stress.

This happens so much in our society that people finally end up losing their creativity altogether. In this post, I am going to explain various aspects of life that you may face.

Also, the characteristics you need to develop in your personality in order to achieve a behavior towards different events that will help you to pass them successfully.

Never Forget Your Failures

There is a process of success. And failure is just an event that happens before it. Failures teach you. They guide you in a way that no mentor can do. Once you face a failure, you need to reintegrate yourself and prepare for the next. But never forget the failure you have ever had. This is the initial point for long-term success.

More the failures you have in your life, more you have the safety measures for preventing failures in your future. To me, those who forget their failures are the worst learners in the world.

Failure shouldn’t hinder your Success

You are supposed to remember the failures you had. But this shouldn’t hinder your success. Keep yourself as optimistic as you can. If your failure prevents you from trying the next time, you are not making the actual use of it.

There is only one way to success. And that is: Keep Trying. Who would have known J.K. Rowling (the creator of Harry Potter) if she had given up after being rejected by all the major Publishers in the city? She never gave up. Face failure and make it a ladder to climb.

One thing at a Time

In young age, every wannabe-successful sort of guy pays attention to several things at a time.

I used to do the same.

In fact, I tend to do it so often that I have to drag myself deliberately out of so many unnecessary things again and again. But when you laser focus on one thing for a sufficient period of time, you actually accelerate your success. Neil Patel, the founder of Crazy Egg, is the best example in saying:

“One of the biggest lessons I learned was not to spread myself too thin. Like other entrepreneurs I love trying to do multiple things at once.

But once I learned to focus all of my time and energy into one business, I was able to make it grow faster than all of my previous businesses.”

Greed is the Biggest Motivation


Well, to be honest, all the stories we are used to listening and reading about greed are so … so ferocious. And I mean it literally. I admit that greed for success, fame, dignity and of course money is the constant motivation that you always need behind you.

It is the most effective pat on your shoulder on each step you take and progress. It makes you progress constantly and keeps you from stopping on the last milestone you achieved.

No doubt that you need to be careful about the ethical boundaries and you aren’t supposed to cross them. But at its core, greed is the thing that makes you feel alive because it keeps you moving every time.

Attachments and Relationships will hinder your success

I faced it personally for years. And have observed it as a problem in most of the struggling young guys today. Attachments with friends, family members, your girlfriend/boyfriend and many others may hinder your success so often that it becomes difficult to even think about the next step you take for yourself.

A very close friend of mine doing his MD in Australia, dropped out of the Medical School just for his girlfriend and returned back to Pakistan to meet her who later on ditched him with a sick silly excuse.

What if he hadn’t returned and continued his MD six years back?

What if I had ignored my parents when they forbid me to start a new textile business in Panama when I had a paying opportunity?

Mark it. You would regret many of your attachments and relationships after turning 30.

No one can be more sincere with you than you yourself. Start making decisions once you turn 18. There is no age at which you stop making mistakes. You can make mistakes. So can your parents.

There is no rule of thumb or a perfect age when you could start to make decisions. Hegel, one of the most prominent philosophers in the whole history of philosophy completed majority of his philosophical works before he was 30. Karl Marx (one of the wisest people and philosophers in the world) followed Hegel. Many other philosophers relate themselves to Hegel. There is no age at which you can certify your wisdom for making better decisions for yourself.


You should be your own boss. Learn from everyone and once you see the factors hindering your success, you should ignore them and pass. Try your best to apart yourself from emotional weaknesses and learn to manage them while maintaining relations. Get courage and start making serious decisions about yourself. But don’t forget to take suggestions. Take them and choose the one that seems to work for you.

If you have gone through any of remarkable twists in your life, do share with me in the comments below. I would love to hear and understand about you.

2 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Know Before Turning 30”

  1. I think its perfect timing for me to read your words.
    Today it was my fourth day on my job. I m fresh and have no school teaching experience. I love to become a teacher since childhood but as i grew i wanted to become a lecturer and i have to make my own school which will become a university one day. For this i have to strive. I get irritated by teaching children like playgroup but fortunately or unfortunately this is my job. I am trying to manage but i think i want some motivational words…..

    1. Dear Fahmeeda, welcome to the blog. I am happy to see you enjoying the blog.
      Keep in touch.

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