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5 Myths stopping you from Starting a Blog

Starting a blog

Blogging needs passion. I am telling you 60% of the bloggers end up doing this in the first 3 months. 20% of them give up in the next three months. And 10% stop blogging in within the first year. This is because most of the people starting a blog expect an immediate right after the start. But as I have been telling you that it is one of major benefits of blogging that you make later but a better income when blogging.

Here I am mentioning few myths that will keep you away from starting a blog. I will also try to answer them as per my experience.

Myth # 1: Starting a Blog is  too difficult

Answer: No it isn’t. Starting a blog is too simple, rather a process of just an hour. There is practically nothing you can’t handle. You can start a blog in an hour. And maintain a predictable frequency of the posts. Spare 3 hours from your daily schedule and write your blog post. Publish it and enjoy blogging.

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You can also opt for alternate days. Write one post in two days. This is better if you take more time writing. Your first day will serve for topic decision and keyword research, and the second will be reserved for writing. Make things predictable and planned.

Myth # 2: My writing Skills are awful

Answers: That’s true.  Your writing skills are literally as awful as mine. I decided to start a blog when I couldn’t differentiate a verb from an adjective. Your writing skills never matter. I bet you will make 70% of your improvements after the first 10 posts of yours. Rest will come to you naturally by the time.

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And to be honest, it takes your whole life to achieve the-100%-goal. You will never be able to do it. No one has ever done. Why do you expect to be that perfect then? In internet marketing, the only thing that’s worth is the experience and knowledge. And perhaps an average manner of delivering your thought to the reader and you are done.

Myth # 3: Blogging is a waste of time and Money

Answer: I wasted my three years thinking the same thing. And then I finally started my first blog 5 years ago. Right after 8 months, I came to know that it was never a waste of time and money. I had initially invested $300 on my blog. And within the period of 8 months, I earned several times more than that.

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I can’t say if you can earn this big in this little time. But I guarantee, you won’t regret. You will take your words back as soon as you receive your first income. Mark it!!

Myth # 4: It takes too long to earn online from a blog

Answer: I agree with you. It takes long. But not “too long”. I see people investing in Real Estate and waiting for the increase in land prices. It takes at least 5 years for a business to be successful. A great many resources and money are required for a small business start-up. What business can you name, which offers a good scope with progressing income and paying you from the day first? There is none!

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Myth # 5: There are thousands of blogs online. Who will read mine? It is too late.

If you are reading this blog (launched a week ago), then anyone’s blog can have readers and visitors. There were 80,000,000 websites in the world in 2005. And John Morrow’s blog wasn’t one of them. He succeeded and his blog is in top 50,000 websites now.

Remember, it is never too late. The first right time was 20 years ago. The second right time is TODAY.

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