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10+ Hot & Popular Topics for Your Blog

10+ Topics for your blog

Most people remain confused about how to start a blog and what to write in their blog’s post. One thing that I found in the newbies especially in Pakistan and India is that every beginner wants to start (yet another) make-money-online kind of a blog. I don’t know the real reason why they do so, but let me tell you that there are more chances in other topics than in the Internet Marketing Field. Recall Danielle Bernstein, the owner of a fashion blog We Wore What. The girl is 22 years old and has the influence to make $6 – 15K for a single sponsored post by different brands.

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There are thousands of topics you can opt for your blog. But before choosing a topic and starting a blog, read ahead.

Choosing the Best Topic for Your Blog

Topic selection needs various things to be taken care of, especially, when you want your blog to popular, successful and money-making. Remember these points before deciding a topic for your blog.

  1. The Topic holds Good Popularity: Your topic has a good popularity and people search information regarding it. Use AdWords Keyword Planner to find out if there are at least 100K people searching for the information relevant to the topic of your blog. This is particularly important when you really want to make money blogging and gain other amazing benefits of blogging.
  2. The Topic is sufficiently Broad: Make sure your topic is not too narrow, and you can cook up blog posts continuously (at least 10 posts a month).
  3. There are People Already Blogging on the Topic: Make sure that the topic you choose has readership and people regularly read things like that. Otherwise, you will find it too difficult to create a readership from scratch and persuade people to start reading what you write. This won’t do well any sooner.

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Popular Topics for Blog

After you have gone through the above three points, you are all set to start a blog with the topic of your own choice. If you are still nowhere with the topic selection, I am suggesting you a collection of common and familiar topics that will not let you down.

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This is one of the most famous topics of all times. Entertainment bloggers are so popular that most successful multi-niche websites have a section for it. Most Entertainment bloggers make thousands of dollars on monthly basis hiring a couple of blog writers to boost their incomes to next level. People are just too much interested in knowing about their ideal celebrities. So celebrity gossip is a good and promising topic for you.

Other relevant sub-topics may include pop culture, soup reviews and discussing serial drama actors. So start a blog and add compelling headings to it. People will love to visit your blog. And to be honest, there are more gossip-seekers in the world than you can dream of.


Are you fond of modern gadgets? Do you enjoy keeping and using them? Are you ready to spend all your pocket money buying that odd pair of your headphones with a minion tag? Then you are on the path. Try starting a blog about gadgets and keep writing for a while. Most probably you won’t get as much traffic from social media websites but as soon as your blog starts growing, you will have Search Engine traffic organically.

Keep your blog updated. Mention the recent gadgets you bought. Their quality attributes. And that how much you purchased it for. Once your blog takes off, you can earn so much through monetizing because of highly paid keywords connected with gadget information. You can also search for affiliate programs from the online stores providing gadgets. This will boost your income to an unlimited exposure.


How-To guides are the most successful and most promising kind of traffic boosters. A majority of the top blogs over the internet start their blog titles with “How to”. The reason is these headlines practically say that “after reading the post, you need to read nothing more on this particular topic”. And it has a certain psychological effect on the reader which is why most content marketers call it a goldmine.

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WikiHow is an especially dedicated website for how-to articles. If you create a blog with the subject you are good at, then you are on the path to making money blogging soon.

Remember one thing. Don’t make a how-to blog on a niche too broad. Try selecting a single field and bat there unless you have a big enough team of writers that can generate a good number of how-to articles in each category. So if you are a software engineer, choose programming languages, or WordPress. Likewise, if you are a Graphic Designer, choose Adobe Photoshop and start writing How-To articles on it. But one niche at a time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to build a good community online in a short time. It will take too long and a great number of articles.


Days are gone when people used the old granny’s tactics to make a cough-suppressing soup for their cold and flu. People now search the recipes through google instead of asking the late granny!

If you are good at trying new recipes or you are a knowledgeable person in this field, try starting a recipe blog. And teach people how to make a fat-loss smoothie that will cause the user to lose 10KGs per month.

Or if you are a traditional amateur Indian or a Pakistani chef, write recipes and method of cooking delicious Kofta Karahi and Shami Kabab. There are millions of women and homesick boys, out of the country for jobs, searching for recipes every month.

Reviews for Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Products are so famous. And when it comes to Indo-Pak region, makeup and whitening products are too popular and everyone uses them in some manner or the other. If you are found of using different brands, try writing reviews of the products you use yourself.

There is also a good chance to generate extra revenue if you market famous brands through their affiliate programs and suggest people to use them. Write honest reviews and talk about the real pros and cons of the product you are reviewing.

Health Blog

Health is yet another important topic and one of the most popular topics in the world. But this topic is only suitable for those who are professional nutritionists, MDs and Pharmacists etc. You can write safe home-remedies and fitness guides as well as suggesting weight-loss plans to your readers.

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Also, you can review products weight-loss tea, fat-burning belts, formula milk for children etc. that are somehow related to health. Make sure that you make authentic references for the information you include in your articles so that educated readers don’t get angry.

Troubleshoot Guides for Programming

Programming is a widely discussed topic. It is probably because most people want to learn to program to get rich as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs by writing an overnight-king-making kind of a program.

There are a huge number of people trying to learn programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and Angular 2 lately. If you are aware of programming, you can write easy-to-learn troubleshoot guides on these topics. As a prrogrammer your future is so bright for at least next 20-30 years.

Politics and Journalism

Politics and journalism are the widely read topics especially if you can handle it well. Go for it if you spend hours in front of your television frequently changing news channels to grab every inch of the current happenings. Talk shows are also another important thing that will help you decide the title of your blog post of the day.

The biggest benefit of the subject is, you always have something to write about. News channels, newspapers and talk shows will keep feeding you a great stuff for every other day. And you can make a good number of readers on your blog by giving a sensible analysis of yours about the prevailing headlines of the day.


Whatever the topic you choose, the important thing is the scope and the number of readers you can grab out of the niche. Start writing and keep getting knowledge about the popular headlines in people. And you will do nothing but create an insanely popular blog this way.

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